Welcome to a church for all nationalities!

Malmö is a city of many nationalities where people from all over the world have come to settle. This is clearly reflected in the membership of the Malmö Seventh-day Adventist church, which has a high percentage of non-natives. Not only do we have members from different countries of Europe such as England, Portugal, Serbia and others, but also members from North and South America, as well as Africa. Don’t hesitate to visit us, as there is a good chance that you will find someone that might speak your native language.

At the Malmö Seventh Day Adventist church we regularly meet every Saturday morning to celebrate Sabbath together. We start at 10:00 am with Sabbath School, where we divide into smaller groups for children and youth of different ages and study the Bible together. The adults in turn divide into different language groups: Swedish, English, Serbian and Spanish.

After Sabbath School, we join together for Divine Service at 11:15 am. The church is equipped with a translation system, and the service is usually translated into English. As required, translations can be arranged into other languages.

Need to get in touch with us? Head over to the contact page and send us an email in English. There you will also find the street adress and a map to the church.